Ochi, Yoshiaki: Natural Sonic LP

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The first vinyl reissue of the legendary environmental / ambient album from 1990!! Remastered for vinyl by Kuniyuki Takahashi. Hit the driftwood, hit the surface of the water, all the earth becomes his instrument. In 1990, a work by a rare percussionist from the leading Japanese environmental music label "NEWSIC" was recorded for the first time as an LP. "When I listen to Ochichi's Natural Sonic, I remember the time I went to St. GIGA's studio in front of Kobe at that time. This album was secretly played for days. And after more than 30 years, the Tokyo-born "Earth Survey" will finally be released to the world. Yuki Tokushima (composer/music producer), Yoshihiro Ochi, who has been in the limelight with the compositions and performances of the Miyake Lifetime Collection, producing music for TV and radio, participating in the live performances of artists including GONTITI, holding workshops, etc. Playing taiko while traveling, playing the natural things we encounter, and the colorful live tones collected. It blends gently with the computer sounds, repeating a pleasant resonance. Massage of sounds and rhythms that work like magic. The popular title of the label "NEWSIC" is "Motocho" - Suzuki's sound track, followed by the long-awaited analog record press! 

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