Moore, Thurston: Screen Time LP

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Sonic Youth legend Thurston Moore delivers the surprise 10-track ambient instrumental album Screen Time with straightforward track titles like "The Town," "The Home," and "The Neighbor." Moore explained that he wanted to compose a soundtrack for an imaginary film noir, with each track representing a different scene. "While our societies have become wholly engaged with the virtual universe of online interaction the work of filmmakers, musicians, painters, poets and dancers continues to offer dreamworld expressions of both reality and the imagination," he said. "Art is an offering. When you open up your screen, send a message of love and gratitude to someone. If it's within your means, send aid to those in need. Screen time is now time, it is always time for change. A change for the better. What better time than now. Create, instigate, debate, never hate, sleep late, embrace fate, make a movie date, destroy and skate."

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