Melvins: Houdini Live 2005 (Pink) LP

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2005 live re-recording inspired by the Melvins invitation to play their 1993 major-label breakthrough Houdini in its entirety by All Tomorrow's Parties. Tiny Mix Tapes wrote that: "Highlights include a surprisingly faithful rendition of "Sky Pup," a song with bizarre effect-laced vocals and a repetitive angular guitar riff that goes from zero to thrash without showing any strings. The turtle-paced metallic drone "Hag Me," which seemed ahead of its time in 1993, is newly grounded in the age of Sunn 0))) and Sleep. A venomous, expanded version of the ending death march "Spread Eagle Beagle" is filled with exciting percussion interplay and spurts of distorted fuzz and space alien effects." Available on vinyl for the first time as a colored 2LP-set with an accompanying 12 page booklet.

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