Melodien: Apeiron LP

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Liverpool’s Harry Sumnall has been creating his beautifully melodic kosmische / kraut themed electronica for several years now; with 3 full lengths previously for both PY and sister label Deep Distance. Each sells out in super quick time and all have attained rave reviews, 6 music plays and so on…. To quote Harry himself on the record: “Apeiron is the boundless infinite- overwhelming, interwoven and repetitive creation and destruction of thought. Drawing inspiration from Peter Michael Hamel, Jonathan Fitoussi, and Suzanne Doucet, ‘Apeiron’ blends minimalism, sequenced primitive percussion, kosmische strings and new age tintinnabulation”. To these ears there is also a distinct tip of the hat to the work of Richard Pinhas solo and with Heldon and Cluster and is strongly recommended to fans of present day heroes like Emeralds and on / off label mates Timothy Fife, Polypores, Panabrite and Umberto." A lovely record, presented in reverse board sleeves with fabulous sleeve art from Mike McKenney; the record is rich, exploratory and ambitious- and one which isn’t expected to hang around long…

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