Lattimore, Mary: Hundreds Of Days (rose petal) LP

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The third LP from Mary Lattimore, released via Ghostly International (Tobacco, Dabrye), sees her expanding her sound far beyond her ever-present harp. Electric guitar, voice, piano, synth and more all crop up across the seven tracks that make up Hundreds Of Days. It is a testament to Lattimore’s compositional nous that these new instruments are incorporated tastefully, moving in and around her harp playing with delicacy. The luxurious arpeggios, runs and little clusters of notes she draws from her main instrument at times recalls post-minimalist composers like Arvo Part, while her expanded instrumental repertoire allows her to go further than she has previously. Case in point: the portentous, emotive ‘Their Faces Streaked With Light And Filled With Pity’, which contains an electric guitar part that could have been written by Explosions In The Sky or Earth

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