KRAFTWERK: Tour de France LP

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In 2009, Kraftwerk upgraded their Kling Klang masters with the latest studio technology and these magnificent recordings still sound like nothing else in the history of music. Kraftwerk is unique, pristine, profound and beautiful - all at once Decades may pass, but their streamlined synthetic symphonies stand outside time, as fresh as tomorrow, transcendent and sublime. The centenary of the Tour De France marked the conceptual starting line for Kraftwerk's first album in over a decade with this 2003 release. From the chunky cyber-funk of "Vitamin" to the restless metallic shimmers of "Aéro Dynamik," this is emphatically the sound of 21st century techno visionaries. "Displays more intellectual rigor, subtle discipline and attention to detail than many of their younger contemporaries can ever dream of attaining." - The Wire
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