King Crimson: Three Of A Perfect Pair (200g) LP

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Having released two albums in a nine month period between October 1981 and July 1982, Three of a Perfect Pair served as the final part of King Crimson's recorded trilogy that begun with Discipline and Beat. Originally released in April 1984, from the pointillist minimalism of the title track through to the urgent rush of "Sleepless" and the album's closer "Larks' Tongues in Aspic III" - the only reference to the '70s incarnations of the band – Crimson's distinctive mixture of rock, electronica, funk and pure pop songs, ensured the group's status as one of the most interesting and innovative bands of the decade. Cut from the 30th anniversary masters series - overseen and approved by Robert Fripp - Three Of A Perfect is the eleventh release in the King Crimson LP reissue series. 200g vinyl LP edition, cut at Loud Mastering by Jason Mitchell.

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