Humble Bee: Daymark LP

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Craig Tattersall made quite a name for himself by offering a series of consistent releases on his own imprints Cotton Goods and Other Ideas. After more than 5 years of silence, our favourite bee is finally back with 2 new full length albums: Daymark and Nightmark. Both albums are made around the same time and can be seen as complementary odes to these different and opposite parts of the day.

With typically tactile sensitivity, his ’Daymark’ half unfolds in two durational parts that transition from sleepy, dawning rustles to wintry keyboard melodies and Basinski-esque washed-out piano and smudged ‘shirean brass in ‘Off Station, at little afternoon, amidst the saltwater marsh’, to an achingly fragile B-side of lonely piano motifs and accordions that endearing struggle and wheeze on into evening, appearing to grow heavier and tired with their bassy load until the piece sinks into sighing organ drones. Trust it’s all served with generous helpings of fuzz and accreted crackle that softens the edges even further and can’t help but charm listeners seeking sympathetic whimsy.

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