Lussi, Martina: Selected Ambient LP

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The material on Martina Lussi's Selected Ambientoscillates between electroacoustic composition, sound art, and live performance. The pieces are named after precious gemstones, all of which are traditionally ascribed with special powers. In using these names, the artist seems to refer to the esoteric roots of the genre invoked by the LP's title. The compositions, however, resist the genre's characteristically naïve re-enchantment of the world and distrust holistic esotericism's promise of healing and restoration. Instead, they are defined much more by an interest in affective uncertainties. The gemstones don't want to affect or influence -- they simply want to exist as witnesses of/to the ultimately incommensurable reality that lives beyond our own horizon. Lussi holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice. Lussi has performed work between the disciplines of sound art and music performance at places like LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film Festival) and the festival Oto Nove Swiss at London's Café Oto. 180 gram vinyl.

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