Emmanuel, JD: Rain Forest Music CS

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Fans of deep, dark, minimal, and meditative new age music on cassette will be chuffed to learn that Important Records is reissuing three of JD Emmanuel's earliest releases on tape. Rain Forest Music (1981), Wizards (1982), and Trance Formations 1: Ancient Minimal Meditations (1986) are all available for the first time in many years.On Rain Forest Music (1981), JD Emmanuel builds gentle, short cycles of notes into floating clouds of sound, mostly improvising around single chords. The "minimalism" in his music lies not in repetitive patterns that barely change but more in the spare arrangements that focus the listener while also taking them on a sonic journey. A tape loop technique used by Brian Eno, Terry Riley, Robert Fripp (and likely many more) called "Continuous Looping" was used in the creation of this album and a loop diagram is included in the packaging.

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