Cocker, Jarvis: Jarvis LP+7"

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Jarvis Cocker's 2006 solo debut finds the ex-Pulp frontman returning to the well-honed Britpop sound of his lauded former band after a brief stint heading up the Relaxed Muscle techno project. While Jarvis lacks the cinematic expanse of Pulp's swansong, We Love Life, and the darkly brooding atmosphere of This Is Hardcore, it hews fairly closely to the pop-savvy rock sound of His 'N' Hers and Different Class. Cocker's deep croon and witty social observations are fully on display here, whether he's singing about an inappropriate lover ("Don't Let Him Waste Your Time"), not so subtly alluding to murder (the deceptively gentle "I Will Kill Again"), or being assaulted by portly kids (the punked-up "Fat Children"). Joining Cocker are Pulp alum Mark Webber (guitar) and Steve Mackey (bass), along with six-stringer (and revered singer-songwriter) Richard Hawley. Although Jarvis may not eclipse past Pulp glories, it certainly honors their roguish spirit, and serves as an excellent showcase for Cocker's cheeky charm.

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