Chromeo: She's In Control LP

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"In 2004 everything felt new. As hip hop producers in the late 90s, we were influenced by Pete Rock and Lord Finesse but by the early 2000s, the sound began to change. People wanted Triton Beats. We weren't so into we changed too: we traded our S950 (actually we kept it for the drums on Needy Girl) for a talkbox and a handful of synths and we signed to Tiga's Turbo Recordings without a demo.

"We didn't know the first thing about electronic music, but we figured we'd try our hand at it...although we really just wanted to pay homage to Hall & Oates and Rick James. We had no idea what we were doing: we were writing lyrics for the first time, singing into mics for the first time, dusting off instruments we hadn't touched since our high school band. We put together songs about sad robots and antiheroic trials of love, with the ingenuity of two childhood bffs who were making music in our mom's basement. (The album was actually made in Pee's mom's basement). The credits on She's In Control were simple: written, performed, produced and mixed by Chromeo.

"Unbeknownst to us, our misunderstood debut album placed us amongst a new crop of electronic musicians. A project we lovingly crafted with the sole aims of conjuring Huey Lewis and making eachother laugh gave us a career. 'Needy Girl' and 'You're So Gangsta' laid the blueprint. 15 years later, here we are." - Patrick Gemayel & David Macklovitch

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