Brown, James: Black Caesar LP

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Growing up on the tough streets of Harlem, Tommy Gibbs (Fred Williamson) has his life made even harder by John McKinney (Art Lund), a crooked cop who breaks the boy's leg, crippling him for life. Drawing on his anger at the racism he faces on a daily basis, Tommy grows up to become the crime kingpin of Harlem. Now that he has the power, he aims to take down New York's Mafia bosses - and also get bloody revenge on his nemesis, McKinney, no matter what the cost. James Brown provides the outstanding funk-soul soundtrack to Larry Cohen's 1973 blaxploitation crime drama, Black Caesar which features great performances from The J.B.'s and Lyn Collins and is highlighted by entertaining anthems like "Down and Out in New York City," "The Boss," "Make It Good To Yourself" and "Mama's Dead." Mastered from the original analog tape with tip on, fold-out jacket packaging.

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