Behexen: Rituale Satanum LP

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2000's Rituale Satanum is almost universally acclaimed as Behexen's masterpiece, a record that belongs in every respected record collection truly dedicated to the original black art. A dark and possessed work of Satanic black metal in its darkest and purest form, Rituale Satanum is a quintessential explosion of unadulterated blasphemy, spewing forth intense and funerary riffs while sanctifying infectious, timeless melodies. Offering an insight into the netherworld, this album contributed in its own way to the legend of this sinister art form conceived by previous craftmasters Gorgoroth, Mayhem and Burzum. Rituale Satanum has continuously defied time to establish itself definitively as the standard for relentless malediction. Often abused and misused, the word ‘cult' here reclaims its noble meaning.

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