Behexen: Nightside Emanations LP

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Ushering the dawn of a new age of darkness, Behexen stirred from its solitary slumber with 2012's Nightside Emanations, invoking chaos, heralding the decay of the (self-) righteous, celebrating the ominous, all-consuming onset of death - embracing that eternal, perpetual, unflinching reality that awaits us all. These ten incantations to the ancient ones are imbued with an organic, evil sound; blessed / cursed / inspired by forces from the nether realm. The serpent of black fire is summoned to set the world aflame, mankind and his impetitude razed and cleansed by the unforgiving tendrils of serpentine flame. A ritual reawakening, a call to demons, Nightside Emanations traverses abyssic dungeons, diffusing irresistible energies from the temple of silent curses. As all around you crumbles to dust, bow beneath the black star of Lucifer. Acknowledge the horned master in all his forms; recognize and revere his many faces.

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