Asa Tone: Live at New Forms CS

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Asa Tone is a multidisciplinary, multinational group formed in New York City comprised of Melati Malay, Tristan Arp and Kaazi. Originally commissioned by Yu Su as an event-specific work for the New Forms Festival in Vancouver in 2020, Asa Tone worked together virtually during quarantine, embracing new approaches in chance-based composition. The group’s members individually recorded a pool of generative loops and field recordings in lieu of performed “songs,” adhering to general tempo and key parameters, yet each responding to their respective lockdown environments in Mexico City, New York and the Australian rainforest. From this nonlinear web of possibilities, Asa Tone prepared a continuous 30 minute piece via zoom, which was later adapted and spatialized for the 4D sound / 32-channel audio system at Lobe Studios in Vancouver by producer and festival curator Yu Su. This installation was accompanied by a custom modular video work by artist Nika Milano, and originally aired in August 2, 2020, in conjunction with performances by Helen Michelle Mackenzie and Khotin. This long-form recording is the stereo document of Asa Tone’s remote, digital 32-channel performance at New Forms.

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