Acid Mothers Temple: Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind) LP

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First ever repress of the definitive Acid Mothers Temple album -- their breakthrough release from 2001. Remastered and repressed on color vinyl (one yellow, one orange) in original gatefold sleeve. Absolutely Freak Out! is the set that first got AMT noticed (relatively) big-time in the UK, and for good reason. There's not a lot of point trying to describe it; just imagine every moment in rock history when psychedelia got out of control, and edit them all together. Or imagine Hawkwind with Hendrix on guitar, playing Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa covers in a large aircraft hangar, with the doors open and a strong wind blowing. Other Acid Mothers Temple recordings offer more folk or more metal or more drone, but this is the band in full-spectrum-retro-cosmic-rock mode and just offers -- more. Of everything you could possibly imagine. If you have yet to commence your journey then this is the one to start with.

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